We have started the project at the Nipomo Library. We are removing the glue down carpet and will be preparing the floor for a Luxury Vinyl Flooring.

We noticed that all of the boxes of base were labeled correctly but when opened two boxes had the wrong color inside.

This rubber base color took us six weeks to get so we are working to get two more replacement boxes quickly.

It has come up as a concern with the manufacturer that larger jobs of this material are now recommending the glue down installation system over the tab system. That coupled with the rolling carts at the library we have made a change in plan to glue the flooring down.

We found the slab to have several uneven areas and did much grinding and floating to help ease the high and low rolls in the concrete slab.

The flooring installation is now completed. We will be doing the last bit of rubber base after some work is done by others on a few of the walls.

This was a nice project and I was glad to work with our client to bring this wonderful upgrade to completion.

I went back to check on the project after the library was opened again and spoke with the janitor and said this is a wonderful change and a incredible floor. The staff also informed me that they are getting a great response and many compliments on the finished new flooring.

Thank you, to all that were involved.

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