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Quartzite has both Style and Performance

Quartzite is a great choice for your next project. Continue reading Quartzite has both Style and Performance

Artfloorescence-The Moisture Testing Guy

This article was written and shared by my friend and flooring expert Carl Bredl “The Moisture Testing Guy”. Carl Bredl the moisture testing guy – testing & inspections 2w · Edited ‘Artfloorescence’ – There Is Beauty In Destruction These … Continue reading Artfloorescence-The Moisture Testing Guy


This house turned out very nice. From a very regular space to a comfortable home shown above. Our Designer really pulled it together in just one week of working with the dated laminate, carpet and tile shown below to updating surfaces to create this cozy home. From the drab fireplace to new old style glazed brick with a herring bone hearth. This old laminate had to go, to make room for a new waterproof LVT with a modern feel. This dark stairway was made light and clean with a new Nylon Berber Carpet. With new base boards, paint flooring and … Continue reading HOME DESIGN IDEAS


Grinding Concrete is dusty business every time it is done. We use vacuum equipment when possible and cover doors openings and furniture, however you can expect the home to have some dust on all surfaces when completed. It is best to plan on a house cleaning after work is completed as part of the cost of the project. Tile and hardwood removal often disturb the subfloor in the same way and creates a large amount of dust. With that said, at times our clients tell us “it was much less dusty than expected”. So if you are having this work … Continue reading FLOOR REMOVAL, GRINDING CONCRETE. WHAT TO EXPECT.


We often run into squeaky floors when installing a new one. At times we get a call about a new squeak after a new floor is just installed. Let’s go over a couple of issues we see on flooring projects. Before an install: Loose 2”x6” subfloor is common and can be screwed down rather than nailed. Screws do hold tighter and longer. Also if we can use glue or construction adhesive as well that will really make the correction last. Sometimes you need to add more support under the area to hold an area firm. This can be done by … Continue reading HOW TO FIX A SQUEAKY FLOOR!


Carpet is a great way to add color and style to a room. Less expensive than most other floor coverings it is also a textile and softens the feel in the area as well as insulates and adds a feel of warmth and comfort to a room. On stairs carpet is safe option for kids and the elderly as well as toned down sound in a stairwell or hallway. Carpet is a great way to cover a room you want to relax in. Carpet can be installed on walls, made into area rugs or used in sunrooms or some outdoor … Continue reading WHY USE CARPET?


When a tile repair is needed often it is the tile that is loose or moving. The movement is causing the grout or tile to crack or move. Alter the tile is replaced, adhered and dry the grout can be applied. You have a choice to use the existing grout or use grout caulking. They make both sanded or non-sanded grout caulking in most grout colors and these can be a used in lue of grout and allow the tile to move a bit without cracking or pushing pressure on the tile. It is often a good solution if movement … Continue reading WHY TYPE OF GROUT SHOULD BE USED ON A TILE REPAIR OR CORRECTION?