I was fortunate to be called out to a home in Arroyo Grande, Ca. I use the word fortunate only because I was blessed to meet this wonderful couple. They have been in this home since 1966 (The year I was born).

It was an insurance claim and the couple did not have this project in their plans at this time. So it was up to us to take on the project and help keep the stress level low.

The flooring was an old parquet hardwood and a great testimony to how well hardwood can last and perform when taken care of.

The Hardwood flooring was damaged beyond repair due to a water leak. So we set out to find a new hardwood selection both Mr. and Mrs. would love. We were able to find a product they wanted and schedule the time for install.

This home had lots of furnishings as well as piano, murphy bed, built in book shelves and cabinets.

When the old flooring was removed it was so well bonded that much of the concrete slab came up with it. We were able to level and smooth the floor as part of the preparation.

When our crew finished the project the owners loved the new floor. Removing and hauling off the old parquet flooring, preparing the concrete subfloor for new hardwood, install and getting everything back in place was a great project for us to be involved with. We are installing new base boards for the owners and then this couple can get back to life.

Thank you both for trusting us with your home and furnishings.

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