We recommend the Bona Floor Cleaning System as the best way to care for your new Luxury Vinyl Flooring or Laminate.,%20Tile%20and%20Laminate%20cleaner.pdf

img_4844Any one of the Laminate or LVT Bona Cleaners or kits are a great way to care for your new flooring.

The most important parts of the system are the microfiber pads that you can toss in the washing machine and reuse countless times and the spray bottles. The spay is the best way to keep from over dampening your floor. Most all manufacturers like you to use the spray rather than putting water or solution directly on the floor.

Before use be sure to vacuum or sweep all debris off the floor so as not to scratch the floor. IMG_5283.jpg

You will need approximately 1 microfiber pad for every 500sf of flooring. Once the pad is soiled put a new one on. This will prevent streaking that is caused by soiled moisture being pushed around the floor.af80c-images

Dry your floor with a beach towel if you want to pick up the residue that may dry just a bit sticky. Try it and you will notice how the floor looks cleaner longer.

Laminate floors do not need a wax or finish applied. Anything you add to the finish will not bond well and will wear off in the traffic areas in short time.

See the bona link here for more info on using one of the Bona systems on your floor. Bona for Laminate and Hardwood

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