Insurance Flooring Claim – What to expect from your Flooring Contractor.

Are you currently in the unfortunate position of being affected by unforeseen damage to your flooring and home?

I am sorry this happened to you. Dealing with an insurance claim can be very stressful. It means that something awful has happened.

Once your Claims Adjuster has come out and inspected the damage, he will contact the flooring contractor that he trust will be most helpful in dealing with your unforeseen circumstance and have them call you directly.

Your flooring contractor is here to help you with coordinating information and details, discussing design options and working with other trades if needed to finish a job professionally, accurately and on-time.

Upon receiving information about your claim, the flooring contractor will call you (typically within 24 hours) and set a time to come out to observe and evaluate the damage. The contractor will measure the area, note all materials and labor needed to complete the project and take photos as well as a sample of the existing flooring,

The sample (if available) will then be sent off to a lab to evaluate the value. The lab will check records, measurements and weight of the sample to come up with a fair market product cost. In most cases they do a great job and error on the high side when in question. If it was a older flooring that was damaged the value can be prorated depending on your policy.

The Contractor will also make a detailed drawings of the area to be covered and the items to be added such as removing and replacing base boards, appliances, doors, trim and other items needed to complete the project.

The insurance company does not set the cost of installation nor the value of the flooring.  Claim Adjusters use an estimating software which is updated each month for a specific area (like San Luis Obispo County) which compiles the average cost of installation based on contractors in the area that do that type of work. As I mentioned the value of the flooring material is set by the lab.

All this takes about a week to be before a finalized report is completed given to both the home owner and the contractor.

Once a total value is decided the owner knows what monies he has to work with to move forward. If the home owner would like the same value installed in most cases this can be done without any out of pocket cost except a deductible if it applies. In many cases the deductible has already been paid to another trade prior to flooring. You only pay the deductible one time.

Many flooring products take about a week to get, so expect about 1 to 2 weeks from time of order to time of install.

Our goal to help keep stress levels low for we know you did not schedule this job in your life at this time. However we will work hard to make your home better than it was before.

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