• Commercial Offices

  • Hospital Corridors
  • School Cafeteria
  • Break Room
  • The Gym
  • Residential Kitchens and Bathrooms
  • Bedrooms and living spaces
  • Walls
  • LVT can be installed on Concrete or over wood underlayment and even over some existing floors.

The possibilities are practically endless.

The name itself says Luxury and these really are great floors for many applications.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring is available in tiles or plank shapes and can be purchased as a glue down product or on a backing enabling it to floated and clicked together.

LVT is not to be mistaken with Laminate Flooring that has a harder denser surface.

LVT is is a bit softer than Laminate so it has a warmer, softer feel and these attributes soften the sound in a room compared to a laminate.

LVT is a durable floor and will hold up to most residential or commercial spaces.

See your local flooring retailer and ask about LVT for an option for your next project. It might be a great fit!

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