What can I do with hardwood floors to make them less slippery?

 Having a slippy floor is dangerous for anyone. I have walked myself into several rooms and almost gone arse over tea-kettle myself.

If your hardwood floor is slippery it could be caused by something on the finish that can and should be removed. A good clean floor should not be slippery.

The cause could be too much wax, water on the floor or even a thin layer of dirt or soil.

Let’s start by cleaning the floor. Sweep it well in all areas and under the toe kicks and up tight again the base. Then let’s clean with the floor with Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner or a mixture of vinegar and water (1 cup white vinegar for every gallon of warm water). Do not pore the water on the floor but use a damp mop and rinse often to keep the water clean. Change the water as needed if it gets soiled. When you finish dry the floor with a large towel to pick up all the dirty water residue. This will help keep the floor from getting tacky and attracting more dirt in the future and will keep your floor cleaner longer. It is possible you may need to do this process more than once.

Now that your floor is clean. Check and see if it is still slippery. Chances are it is not.

If the wood flooring is still slippery it could be a build up of wax. Do you use wax? If so you may need to use a floor wax stripper to remove some of the build up. This can be a lot of work and you may want to check with your local flooring store or even a janitorial company to find a wax stripping product and decide if you can do it yourself or have a professional fix this issue.

Once the floor is clean and finished properly you should have a safe floor that even Tom Cruise would have trouble sliding across.

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