Which flooring should be installed first, or does it matter?


Tile can be messy and the traffic to complete the job is heavy as well.

It is recommended to have all your tile and grout work done before carpet, vinyl flooring or hardwood installation. This is typically after any cabinet and painting work is completed.

After tile is done we want to install sheet vinyl and laminate flooring if you have any. Hardwood flooring should be held to after all other trades finish there work. Any work that might need ladders like installing light fixtures and crown molding should be completed. We want to protect hardwood and install it at the end of the project just before base boards and paint touch up.

Once all the hard surface areas are completed it is time to install base baseboards over all the hard surfaces and also in the soon to be carpet areas. Leave gap under the base for the carpet to tuck into. Ask your carpet salesman the appropriate gap for your carpet type. Then you are already for carpet install.

Another reason to save carpet for last is it will tuck to the hard surface areas during install and if the carpet is done first the installer will need to leave the carpet long and return back to finish off work with another trip costing both time and money.


Save the frustration of dirty carpet and multiple trips.

Schedule tile then other hard surfaces and wait for the carpet. You will be glad you did in the end.

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