How do I clean my Bona microfiber cleaning pad, and my Bona microfiber dusting pad?

Wash your Bona duster and mop heads in the washing machine with detergent only. No fabric softener or bleach should be used. For they can damage the material.
You can let them air dry (best) or put in the drier at low heat. Again not to damage the materials. The heat can deactivate or melt the fine fibers.
Microfiber is a synthetic material with split fibers positively charged that work well in wiping up dirt, oil and grease which are negatively charged.
It is a good idea to have more than one on hand at a time for large floors can get the mop heads dirty part way through. Then you are just pushing around dirty water. Clean the heads and keep changing them to keep them clean. Bona says you could get up to 100 washes out of each heads.
Great way to care for most any floor!

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