How do you tear out linoleum and vinyl tiles (VCT)?

The question came in: How do you there out linoleum tile?

Although a big vague on details, I will attempt to help you through the process.

Before you remove linoleum sheet goods or vinyl tile (VCT) it is best to remove approximately 3″x3″ area and the adhesives under it and have it tested for asbestos. It is more likely the adhesive would have asbestos than the floor but either could be a carrier. You can find a lab locally to do the test for under $50.00 in most cases.

Once you are cleared to remove the flooring it depends on the size of the project and what it was installed over. Often several method are tried until one works best.

You might get lucky and open an area with a utility knife and prybar and be able to pull it up by hand. Use the prybar to assist loosening the floor as you go.

Some times a large 6′ tearout bar works best. Be careful not to damage other surfaces such as walls and cabinets.

Some local companies have a ride on
or walk behind tearout machine and drive it right through the door and scrape it up clean in no time. 

There are also smaller hand held electric scrapers you can rent.

If you have a large project it is worth paying someone with experience and the tools to make quick work of the job.

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