Nylon Carpet-Things to Know

Looking back at the past few weeks, I realized that lots of people coming
in to look for New Carpet are doing so for the fist time in decades.

They are surprised to learn about different carpet fiber options.
I like to take them through what I consider the three popular categories (though it
could be broke down to many more) of carpet fibers.
Today, we start with a look at the Nylon Carpet Fiber. Nylon has been
the number one fiber in the industry for decades and is know for durability
and vibrant colors.  Nylon holds up well to heavy traffic, wears well on heavily trafficked
stairs and hallways and will last decades with proper cleaning and care.
Nylon is my choice for the client looking for a carpet that will out last them.
When I have a client say, “this is the last time the furniture will ever be moved and
the carpet must out last us”, I take them to a Nylon Fiber Carpet.  I know with a
good quality Nylon Carpet some can get up to 30 years use if maintained correctly.
I often compare the Nylon fiber to a Radish.  If you were to cut a radish in half,
you would see the white center representing the main fiber and the red color of the
radish on the outside representing the dyed area used to color the fiber.
As tough as Nylon is, being used in parachutes and air bags due to
its strength and heat resistance, it is also porous in the ways that it accepts dye
and pigments that can stain.  This is why Nylon Carpets can have such vibrant
colors, but they must also have Stain Protection such at Stain Master, RX2 or other protectants.
If a carpet has stain protectant most likely it is a Nylon and it needs it.
I believe Nylon Carpet is a great choice and should be considered for
those looking for a high quality carpet.  A nylon carpet, if cared for properly as an
investment and will outlast most others.

Nylon may need a bit more care than some other carpets to keep stain free, however the durability makes it great value.

Another Nylon option is the solution dyed nylon. Here they have manufactured a nylon that is the same color all the way though. Unlike the radish analogy I mentioned above the solution dyed nylon is more like the carrot as the color is though and through. This is still a product that can stain but is much less stain resistant. The cost is more but it could be a good fit for your home.
In the future we will discuss other carpet fiber options available that could be

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